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Parts washer for prepping parts for plating...recommendations?


Aug 10, 2013
Chicago, IL
Hi Everyone!

We have a spray washer we load racks of parts into as the first step in preparing parts for nickel+chrome plating. Parts are steel with oil on them from machining, heat treating, tumbling, etc. It does not clean very well, takes about 20 min / cycle, and we have to clean out the entire system every week. We used trichlor back in the day but, I am told, since that got outlawed suddenly there were not very good alternatives at the time so we got this spray washer and forgot to check back in on more-effective alternatives to trichlor that may have been developed since. SOOOO we are back in the hunt and it sounds like solvent-based vapor degreasers are available and effective. They are expensive (~$100k+) which would still be worth it if they work as well as advertised, so I suppose I am looking for any feedback anyone may have with theirs, including brand of machine, type of solvent used, cycle time, how often you have to clean it out, add solution, change solution, pros, cons, etc. Thank you!