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Personal Project(S) CAD/CAM help


Jun 3, 2019
I am looking for help from someone willing to help me CAD and program 2 separate projects for my son.

I don't have much for money but I do have a little bit of cryptocurrency I can use as a good will gesture for the help.

I haven't had much experience doing this stuff most of my CNC work is already programed etc ( I think of myself as a glorified button pusher ), I have been trying to learn on fusion 360 and been trying to figure out how to do it. But it is way above my skill level atm.

Project 1)
Is a sign for my Son's door or wall
That I would like done in 2D out of aluminum or stainless steel or even wood.
20220221-101911 — ImgBB
That's a picture of what I have already done with a laser engraver.
But would love the helmet etc to be 3D but like it was cut in half so it can be mounted on a wall or door ( flat on the back ). Below is the original image I used for the laser engraving etc.
16299263-396740284004835-3317997937309858432-n-png — ImgBB

Project 2
Is a test bench for a PC
I have the files already and the CAD just need to figure out the program and the different steps/setups ( I could figure out some of them but with my lack of experience I am afraid of doing an OP in the wrong order and ruining the part(s)) I was thinking of using double sided tape and some clamps to hold the workpiece down.

In fact you can grab the files yourself here
Open Benchtable - The world's best PC Test Bench

The machine I would be using is an intimidator 120 by quick mill for both projects

Any and all help is appreciated


Feb 13, 2020
I can lend a hand on this a bit, I'll message you my Autodesk account email and we can coordinate from there.