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Pillow block questions


Nov 3, 2013
Eastern Massachusetts, USA
After reading your post about it needing to be "adjustable, quickly and easily for a range of multiple bikes. And for the bike to be removed and ridden away in seconds" The first thought that comes to mind is why not just use the rear tire against a friction disc? A simple stand with clamp could accommodate pretty much any bike and would only take seconds to clamp or release.

FYI, friction disc drives are common in snowblowers where a smooth rubber tire is pressed against an aluminum disc. This provides a variable engagement similar to a clutch, turns the drive 90 degrees, and offers a range of speeds depending on how far from the hub contact is made.

For your application I imagine a stand similar to those that turn a bike into an exercise bike and a friction disc sliding on a splined shaft with a lever operated engagement to the bike tire. A textured surface would deal with the fact that a bike tire is treaded instead of smooth.

1. Drop bicycle into cradle and clamp
2. Pull lever to engage friction disc and spin propeller
3. Cruise to destination
4. Push lever to disengage friction disc.
5. Release clamps and ride away (hopefully after securing boat so it won't float away.

The same lever that engages the friction disc could also function as a rudder control.