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PM-1340GT lathe FOR SALE


Feb 5, 2024
Orlando, FL

I purchased this lathe in 2021, new from Precision Matthews. It's been very lightly used since then, and still in pristine condition. My wife and I are moving and I will not be able to bring it with me.

Included with purchase:
- Lathe
- Metal stand
- 3 jaw chuck
- 4 jaw chuck
- 5C adjustable collet chuck
- Drill chuck for the tailstock
- Quick change tool post
- Steady rest
- Heavy duty live center
- Assorted tooling (see pictures), as well as extra inserts, HSS blanks and parting tools.

Asking $5,000.00. You must be able to pick it up

I am in the central Florida area, in Orlando near Winter Park.

Email me at [email protected] with any offers or inquiries


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Dang, that's a steal, and you're not too far from me... I just don't have 5K laying around for toys right now...
Yeah, that's about 1/2 the price of new. I've used one of these (local highschool has one) and it's not junk. You'll never confuse one of these imports with old American iron, or a Japanese, Korean or German lathe. But PM seems to spec and inspect to the upper end of the Chinese import spectrum (I have a PM-1640 in my own shop).
Wow your high school sounds awesome! Wish mine had something like that when I was a student

This is totally splitting hairs so I hesitate to even jump in with this - but for whatever it's worth PM does import most of their stuff from china but this particular model is from a Taiwanese factory, which supposedly has a slightly better reputation. Agreed though that from what I've heard it's still definitely not old American/German/etc. standard
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