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Pnumatic bar feed plans

Somebody peddles a set of plans regularly on Ebay. I haven't seen them, but a buddy bought a set of them and says they're just a bunch of hand drawn sketches that sorta show a concept of how one might be built. Definitely didn't sound as if it was worth the $50 price.
Several manufacturers sell pneumatic barfeeds.They are not expensive.One that springs to mind is the EMI-MEC one.I might have a drawing of that somewhere that I ccould fax you.Jim Harris who posts on this forum runs these machines and might be able to help you.To make a simple one you need a bit of cold drawn tube for the cylinder,a pusher which has a cup washer on the end to suit the bore of the CDS tube,a couple of nylon or brass sleeves up its length to slide on and a revolving cup on the end for the bar to sit in.The overall length of the pusher needs to be about 24" plus the length of your machine spindle.Basically blank of one end of the tube and fit an air connection.You will need a pressure regulator and a manual or electric three port valve.To use it bring your stop up against the end of the bar,open the collet/chuck and feed stop back required distance and close collet.Don`t open the chuck before the stop is against the end of the bar when the air pressure is on or the bar will feed right out the spindle.Obviously this is an extremely simple description and you need to take care using it but for someone with a bit of commonsense it will work extremely well up to about 2" diameter.If you need sketches email me a fax number.
Mark, I've got one of the EMI-MEC Automatic Accura-Tool programmable turret lathes with the pneumatic bar feed. I've never talked to anyone else who has one here in the States. Are these machines still in use in the UK? Every time I start to run a job in it, I pray this won't be the day the electro-mechanical PLC decides to give up
Hasn't so far, but its just one of those things a person can look at and know the day is coming. This is a very nicely built and finished machine IMO.