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Possibly great deal TX - Speedio and Doosan lathe - water damaged


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Jun 9, 2015
The building my shop was in caught fire recently. My neighbors units was half collapsed and multiple units in the strip past him were leveled. My unit got mostly smoke and water damage from FD spraying everywhere. Insurance should be buying my a couple new machines. Salvage company came to do inventory and I asked what he was gonna do with the CNC machines. He said probably nothing meaning leave them for the wrecking ball!

The Speedio S500X1 was partially covered by a interior office ceiling (front was exposed), but did get hosed down. Water and soot got into electrical cabinet, but I'm guessing drained out the bottom so might be ok. Probably worst is water down Z axis ways. Machine is 6 years old. Fairly low miles. It's a base model 10k spindle machine.

The lathe is a Doosan 2100A, 2 years old. 6k spindle. Low miles, superb condition. Drop ceiling and insulation fell on it which seemed to protect it from water intrusion. My guess is it will power up just fine. Edit: got in there today. Some rust showing on Y ways. Elec cabinets did take on water. Probably needs to dry out before trying to power up

I'm putting this out there for my salvage guy as I'd hate to see these machines get the wrecking ball. I highly doubt I can take them. I need to get back to making parts and not do reconditioning. Getting the machines out will be a little hassle. Tons of debris in the way currently, but just smaller stuff. Roof trusses are bowed in some spots but seems fairly safe to be in there. Ground level roll up door. Lathe is 7k pounds, mill is 5k. So, if you're looking for a bargain on a couple machine that might fire right up, let me know. Fort Worth, TX. PM for more details and I can put you in touch with the salvage guy if you want to make an offer. I might see if I can get a 3ph generator out there to power up the lathe (get my programs off it), so I might be able to see if they power up without too much trouble.


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Oct 20, 2015
Make sure and keep a note of the serial number on those two. I would not be shocked to see them polished up and on Ebay in 3 months so it would be great to know their true history.
That picture makes me sad. Ouch.