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Process improvement - Brother - MSX High Feed Mill

Fal Grunt

Aug 5, 2010
Medina OH
Does anyone have experience running the MSX (or similar) high feed cutters in a Brother. They recommend (for this material 30-35Rc) in the catalog on the low end 260 SFM, .028" DOC, .032" IPT, though via email recommended 200-250 SFM - .015-.020 Feed rate, keeping the DOC shallow. Currently I am running 600 SFM and .003" fpt, .010 DOC (helical), .050" axial. Tool rep recommended " initial starting point would be 400 sfm and .020” -.025” per tooth and keep depth of cut equal to the feed per tooth. So if you are at .025” go .025”, that’s the rule of thumb"

In this application the cutter is 6" from the spindle face, 3" out of the holder (2" length of "cut"). I'm skimming the OD of a hole that is out of concentric and 2" deep. This operation cleans up a 1.625 hole out to 1.850.

Nothing about this job is ideal, but at the moment this is the best tool I have for the job, and I'm hoping someone can tell me I'm being chicken and to crank it up. Maybe it would be better to take a lighter DOC, and take the full width of cut, so the cutter is fully supported? My only past experience with cutters like this was full width of cut.

I will say, at .01" cpt, it sounds like one the shredders at a junk yard they feed buses into. At .005" ipt, there is no spindle load shown.
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Feed mills need engagement, you need to engage 1 full insert if spinning an existing hole, your radial DOC is too low, your RPM to high and feed way to low.
1 full insert, I mean radial doc, if the insert is say .3 across, you'd need that much engagement, or it will sound like it's bouncing. Realistically you want even more engaged but you can get tolerable results if you can bury one full insert and mess with your speed enough to get out of harmonic ranges

Since your ID is so close to your OD, can you use a traditional APKT type mill or something?
I've got an 1.5" ADKT face mill (inserts are indexed 90 so they are standing length ways to use the other corners), but it is about 1/4" - 3/8" too short.

The inserts on this highfeed mill are only 1/4" wide, so full engagement would be around 1/8".

I hadn't gotten any replies so I kept experimenting, and wound up at .075 radial, .006" ipt, which I could feel through the floor and hear outside the building. I decided that was as far as I wanted to take it since this is a "post haste" job for a customer.

It sounds like going the full ~ .150 radial would be an improvement?