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Question about cutting a radius and the insert used.

Hi EyeEmTrash:
You do know that if it's just a pulley, you can get away with a carbide or HSS rod of the proper diameter brazed onto the front of a piece of steel at a slight angle to give clearance and then just plunged in as a form tool?

A hacker bodge if you have a CNC lathe, but a bazillion pulleys have been cut that way before the days of CNC.


Or, program the exact radius you want with TNR and use whatever tool that fits into the groove !!! ;)
That's great to know !

But it's not what he asked. He has one insert and wanted to know if it would work. Answer : yes. For example, if he likes, one statement will make his desired arc with that insert.

If he decides to engrave the history of the kings of england in 17-4, I'm sure he'll be back for more info later.
Just program a bunch of pointless extraneous moves and wow, it certainly is difficult to deduct the radius of the insert from the radius of the arc, I had to call UC Berkeley and schedule a consultation with a post-grad math major to get an answer !
This comment was not for YOU. I know you.