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Quick Change Tool Post Selection for Kent KLS-1440


Oct 7, 2023
Hi All,

New here and to machining. I just purchased a used KLS-1440 and need to buy an entire tool set including a QCTP. I am requesting guidance from the group.

I have repeatedly reviewed the Dorian and Aloris catalogs and have the following information:
Kent KLS-1440 Center Height 1.42"
Dorian CXA QCTP Min Center Height 1.25"
Aloris CXA QCTP Min Center Height 1.4375" (1 7/16")

So even though both Dorian has 14" swing and Aloris has 13" swing as the bottom of the CXA range, it appears that my Kent is slightly under the Aloris CXA minimum. Am I faced with the following choices?
  1. Buy the Dorian CXA
    1. Will Aloris CXA (or other) holders fit my lathe dimensions using the Dorian QCTP? i.e. Am I so close to the minimum center height that I am creating problems for myself down the road with other holders/tools?
  2. Buy the Aloris BXA, and lose the rigidity inherent in the larger tool post, holder, and tool size?
I appreciate any recommendations/suggestions before proceeding.

Regards and Happy New Year!
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13-14" lathe BXA. CXA is much too big for either lathe. Save yourself some money. A BXA is correct for a 13" Harrison m300. They make extra depth BXA tool holders that can take a 3/4" tool shank directly.
BilL D