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Quick Switch, quick change, and Hardinge collet tool holders for sale.


Cast Iron
Feb 1, 2017
One large Quick Switch tool holder, one small Quick Switch tool holder, one small quick change SPI type 3/8” endmill holder, and one Hardinge collet. Quick Switch holders look to be a collet type holder but I don’t know for sure. No collets with them. See pictures for identification numbers. If you need more pictures of something just ask. I’m thinking $25 ea for the Quick Switch and quick change items, $15 on the Hardinge maybe? I’ll ship them for that if shipping is reasonable. 8B5A26BE-C65E-4E49-B588-CDC679B205D4.jpeg8F5D0772-76A3-4040-AAB8-F8470BDDB55C.jpeg38A32DE8-37C5-4B7D-A830-779DB186179F.jpeg049BB33B-8E8B-4C43-8A2E-5E08BB573443.jpeg80DC4E6C-019D-4FB5-A798-45A9FA768C18.jpegDCEED81C-C9BA-4FAF-94E5-3FCF76252F43.jpeg098C331B-949D-47D2-ABC8-E1CCD4D3DF4A.jpegPM if interested.
The Universal collet chucks will take Universal double taper collets. I see one chuck is stamped XZ, which is a collet type. The other chuck has a "T" stamp, but I do not know if that was ever a collet type. The small end of the double taper collets is close to the maximum capacity, leading to identifying the collet type.

The endmill holder is marked "DIXI' and that was a Swiss maker of machines. Good stuff, in other words.

Appreciate the information on the Quick Switch items. I don’t know much about that system. Yes the DIXI tool holder says “Swiss Made” on it. Above items came with a mill I bought that had an odd size 7 in 24 taper quick change. The mill is now compatible with the large size version of the DIXI tool holder pictured above.