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Recommendations for good dimmable T8 LED tubes?

richard newman

Jul 28, 2006
rochester, ny
The lights in my small office in the new shop are T8 LED tubes, in dropped ceiling fluorescent fixtures with ballasts removed. They are way too bright and harsh, would like to replace them with 3000K, high CRI, dimmable LED tubes (and replace light switch w/ dimmer). This is new territory for me, what do I need to be aware of? Any brands highly recommended or to be avoided?
Here you go. I have about 39 of their 4' LED tubes in use and they are great. Not a single problem in over three years now. But you aren't going to like the price for the dimmable ones.

My suggestion would be to buy the non-dimmable ones, which are a lot more reasonable, and just put fewer tubes in each fixture. I have just three or even two tubes in four tube fixtures and the light is great.

Whatever brand you buy, be sure they have the same pin-out as your fixtures have been wired for. There are at least two pin-out schemes in use and they are not compatible so if you get the other type of tubes, the fixtures will need to be rewired. I know because I had to teach the electrician who did the final half of my fixtures when I noticed he was wiring them wrong.