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Refurbished 1947 9A for sale in Portland, OR

Yan Wo

Hot Rolled
Jan 22, 2014
South Jordan, Utah, USA
This email appeared on <[email protected]>. I'm forwarding it with permission.

Dear South Bend Lathe folks,

My dad, Doug Scott, loved reading the emails in this group even though he didn't post much after getting his 1947 SB 9" Model A up and running in 2013! He passed away this year, and we're at a loss about how to rehome his beloved, restored SB lathe. We don't have the capacity to pack and ship it - it's 500 lbs -- so it would have to go to someone who would be willing to come and pick it up in Portland, OR. We'd accept any reasonable offer.

Any locals or anyone who might have advice about how to reach out to fellow SB lathe enthusiasts in the Pacific Northwest? What would you recommend doing?

Here's what I know about it from his description: South Bend 9” Model A lathe, Serial number 169927JAN (manufactured 1947). Fully restored in 2013 – new felts, bearings throughout lathe, new drive screws and nuts in compound and cross slide, new drive gear in cross slide. Newer motor and Dayton switch (wired for forward and reverse), 110v, 1HP. Comes with newer Shars 3 jaw 6” chuck, older South Bend 4 jaw chuck, ER32 collet chuck and collets, 3C drawbar and 3 3C collets, drive plate and lathe dogs, wedge type quick change tool post and 6 tool holders, Jacobs chuck and die holders, one live and two dead centers, steady rest, rebuild manual, full set South Bend oils. Small nicks in ways near headstock.

I'm posting from my dad's email, which I'll keep checking for replies, but I'm also reachable at [email protected].

Thank you in advance for your help and guidance!

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Claire Scott


Oct 5, 2022
Nope - I own it now :)
Out of curiosity what is a lathe in that condition worth on average. I won't pester you for details of what you paid though. I'm kinda in the market and see a lot of make offer type statements. And am really new to acquiring machines. So I don't even have a guess when it comes to making reasonable offers.
Jul 30, 2018
I honestly don't know, myself. I had been casually in the market for something like this for a while, and when I looked at this (along with the stuff that was being thrown in, because they didn't want to deal with parting stuff out with multiple sales), it seemed like it was probably a good deal, so I took it. No idea whether I could have gotten something similar for less, or more, if I had kept looking. Probably others will have better input.