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Luckily going to Russia you don't need to do an ESL test because as they say in Australia " you would be rooted"
You do have to make Russian language and history test to move there if you want the citizenship. I speak Russian perfectly and have citizenship so, I don't get your point
I sure hope for your son's sake he's not gay.
Kids are not born gay, they become such under different circumstances. I would highly recommend you a book by Joseph Nicolosi PhD https://www.josephnicolosi.com/book-store/siayfehvtq7a22r4ud6yjkc8djhos3

where in common man's English he explained in detail how and what happens to a child and what factors are at play. In Russia and most of the countries of the world this is a common knowledge , but somehow in USA it got removed from psychiatric disease list in the 70ties under lobby influences
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