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reluctant to buy SB lathe off of ebay? this is for you.

Did it get bought by a PM member?

yes it did! hsracer201 will be picking it up tomorrow.

Thanks again for the auction advice Dualkit. Giving everything a more affordable 'buy it now' price resulted in - what I hope hsracer201 agrees - a very good deal for both of us.
Hopefully you live in a part of Virginia that keeps you off HWY 95.

I'll mostly be on 29 in Virginia, but I'll be on 95 from DC to Philly, then 295 to Princeton to my original destination, then over to Middletown to meet backindaday.

There just happened to be one 9a cone pulley on ebay this morning so it's already been ordered.
safe home hsracer201, it was a pleasure meeting you...

.. and if anyone passes a heavy 10 and a 9a on the road between NJ and VA, give hsracer201 a honk. :)
Since I loaded my SB13 with an engine hoist, I'm sure you could do that with a 9A.

Something to consider: The 9A is a *lot* lighter than the SB13 or a Heavy 10. With the tailstock, head stock, and legs removed I am pretty sure two healthy men could carry it up a flight of stairs without too much trouble, and none of those removals and replacements are particularly time-consuming. YMMV.

Heck my wife can carry a 9A bed all by herself.

Glad to see this went to a good home!