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Removing an Albrecht chuck from a motor shaft


Jan 24, 2016
I recently picked up a Baldor motor that has an Albrecht chuck attached to the shaft (it was being used as a makeshift mortiser someone cobbled together). I was able to remove the chuck collar but now that its off, Im a bit unfamiliar with what Im seeing. I've only had one other Albrecht chuck and it was a JT3 mount.

Before I go smashing away on 2 expensive (to me) items I was hoping to get some advice on how I should go about removing this chuck.

The motor is a Baldor model M3550 and the only thing Im seeing on the chuck is that its a 1-13.

Thanks in advance!

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I'd guess it is threaded. It's not an integral arbor type and if it was JT, then there would need to be gap to ensure it bottomed. The 1-13 is just metric drill sizing. At least there is some space to work with.
Look very carefully at the chuck markings. Most are also marked as to the mounting. If its marked G04, its a 5/8-16 RH thread. Could also be taper, marked j6 or j33. Older versions could be something different.
Success. Thank you both! Markings were on the blind side of the collar so I couldn't see it until the chuck came off.

I personally have never seen a threaded motor shaft. Looks as though someone turned down the shaft, cut threads and a key slot.

Either way, thanks again!

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