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Replacement Spindle for Abene VHF-3BS

Thanks for that confirmation Ballen . Actually I dug up a thread from 2016 yesterday where you shared the same info .
So if it's good enough for Mr. Singer it's good enough for me.
I guess the name of the game is to check the gears frequently

I would love to get the name of guys in your area who can straighten shafts. I have continued to search in my area, and can't find anyone up for the task. Don't care about the shipping, getting desperate...

Thanks much,

This is an interesting project and worth the effort and expense depending on the condition of the rest of the machine .I look forward to hearing about the progress .
When you see the amount of metal that is missing from the drive gears it's a surprise that the spindle bearing is still good as it is an easy path down from the worn gears to the bearing .
The Abene manual talks about greasing the spindle bearings but does not mention those gears . Is there an ideal grease to use . The RPM gets up to 2000. There is only one way to
get grease in there and that is to slide the head off its mounting ring and apply .Most of the grease flings off right away and gets pushed out from where we want it .
I check mine frequently and usually add a little grease each time . The gears look good . It does seem like there could be a better way .
Any tips on a better grease/lube would be of great help to me and I'm sure other Abene owners including the OP .
Good luck with the project .
Regards , Ted
Gday Ted.
My name is Linden, and I have an Abene mill too. I bought "the manual" for the VHF3-U/UBS from Storebro in Sweden, who is now the owner of Abene.
It's a pretty lean set of drawings and parts list.
I notice you mention that your manual includes greasing head bearings and alike, is your manual a proper operators version?
When I ordered my manual, I was even expecting workshop manual type bearing tolerances, preloads, etc. Ha! Bit of a rude shock when he answered that the set of drawings he had already emailed to choose parts from was actually the manual I was paying for.
I have never really used forums and am quite bad at it. I would love to have a chat with you about your Abene if possible. Would it be ok to give you a call sometime to chat?
Hope to here from you soon.
Thanks heaps, Linden.