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Retrofitting MAHO with Eurotherm/Parker 512C - issues


Feb 11, 2024

I recently acquired Maho milling machine without the original Axodyn BBC 05 LE driver for the feed pancake motor. I was planning to replace it with Parker 512C for tacho-metered feeds. Unfortunately, after hooking it up today in autotransformer setup (230VAC AUX with 90VAC MAINS not to overvoltage the motor that is rated for 105VDC max), I unfortunately discovered that it's running very poorly, choppy and in general unusable.

Motor was running perfectly fine with just a simple DC speed controller powered with 48VDC before, so I suspect this can be something with either my setup or the driver. I was following the manufacturer manual for the installation, can't see anything wrong here. I am slightly suspicious that something might be wrong with the 512C itself (it's second hand), because when I was testing it on my bench first with 230VAC power supply it was outputting at most ~120VDC without load (where according to manual it should be able to produce up to 180VDC @ 230VAC). Similarly, voltages with 230VAC AUX + 90VDC MAINS were low when testing it without load, but I still tried hooking it up to the machine to make sure it's not something expected when running without motor load. But as you can see on a video, something is definitely wrong here.

I am also attaching my approximate connection schematics.

Do you have any ideas what might be wrong here?



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