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RFQ or shop for small metric bevel gears

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Dec 17, 2010
Western CO
Hi all , I am in need of 3 small metric bevel gears for a tiny gear box for a one off sliding window structure.

Since they will all be new they don’t have to match the originals exactly.
To clarify I mean only the bores , keys and hub need to be metric.

I want at least 2 sets so I have a back up set. 3 gears per set. 1 large and 2 identical small gears.

Larger main drive gear.
30 teeth
10 mm bore with keyway
15 mm long
Approximately 34.5mm diameter

2 smaller gear driven by the main.
Diameter.6875 / 17.4mm
Length .472 / 12mm
Hub diameter . 393 / 10 mm
Bore .236 / 6mm

Thank you!
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I'll 2nd on Misumi. Follow nihilstic's link and you'll be on your way.

I did a small spur gear for a door mechanism on a Mori Mill, using their online generator. Reasonable as all get-out and fast too.
I hate Chinese stuff, but for only a couple gears check ebay (search for metric bevel gears) - I bought a few for a project a couple years ago and they worked. Other source is Stock Drive products (sdp-si.com)
I am not seeing a 15 tooth in the options. Am I missing something?

KHK wanted my address to finish the quote, seems scammy.
I see 15 and 30 in Misumi straight bevel gear generator. (the type being sought after was never mentioned in the original post) I went all over and looked thru KHK catalogs and was never asked to give anything. Eventually I got to a place were Misumi wanted me to sign in or create an account.

FYI - Misumi is a top tier company right up there with McMaster and the likes. I would bet that any supplier they're working with is legit as they get, and not out to take you for a ride. You can always say no if you're not happy with something. And you can always opt out of emails etc.
Yes, Misumi is good stuff. Nobody is going to make these for a price that won't make you faint, so best to find a supplier and modify what you have to. It will be cheaper even if you have to replace the entire hub!
Hi again , I used there website and chatted with an engineer and they dont have anything small enough.

Would anyone else like to quote this?
Here are the best measurements I can get from the damaged gears.


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Talk to AMG. Can't remember his name at the moment, but he's a forum member here. I had him make some one off gears for me in the past and was very happy with the quality and communication.

Hello again, reviving this thread. KHK took this long to get a quote and it’s another 8-9 weeks to produce them.
I can’t seem to get ahold of AMG.
Any other suggestions?