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RFQ small gearbox and adapter plate for large electric motor


Jan 17, 2022
I will supply materials for this project. There are 6 pieces to be made. All alloys are A36 steel except the shaft, which is stainless steel 304. I have drawings for everything, but I'm new at CAD so they may lack some details. I will send them along if you'll provide an email address. There are four tasks:

1. The adapter plate is 12"x12"x3/8". I don't need the outside 12x12 dimensions to be super-accurate, but I do need accuracy in the distance between holes as that determines how far apart the gears are.

2. The gearbox will be made from four parts, 2 pairs of 2 identical pieces. The horizontal parts will be bored out for tapered roller thrust bearings.

3. Part of the shaft diameter measurements will be in imperial units, part in millimeters because the bearing IDs are 25mm. I've drawn a threaded section on one end where I will use a castle nut to preload the bearings.

4. The last thing I will need is to have two gears bored out and keyways added. Please price this separately. I do have someone locally who can do it, but they are booked up for some time.

Gearbox Plate Adapter 3D.jpgGearbox 3D.jpgDrive shaft 3D.jpg