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Rivelica OutLock 450 soft jaw machining adapter


Sep 22, 2005
I have two of these and won't even use one all that often, so I'm selling one.

This device works like a scroll chuck with jaws that have pins to fit in the mounting holes in your soft jaws to hold your soft jaws out so that you can machine them (also can be used to true hard jaws).

Also sold by Dorian as the Tru-Jaws Chuck Adapter
UP TO 8" TJP47-3 CHUCK ADAPTER - DORIAN :: Tru-Jaws™ Chuck Adapters | Travers Tool

Here's Dorian's description
Re-machine soft top jaws on power and manual chucks in 60 seconds to improve machining quality and productivity. adapter is designed to hold the soft top jaws in a positive position while being remachined. The TruJaws operation principal of a manual chuck. The scroll gear opens and closes the pronged jaws, giving infinite adjustment for machining diameter. For maximum capability of the TruJaws adapter, the jaws are reversible. Match the number on the body the jaws. 1-1/4" Thick, 1/2" prong diameter, 3-1/4" maximum boring range, up-8" chuck range, 6-1/8" minimum length of jaws, 8000lbs maximum load capacity, 900 maximum rpm use.
Dorian's documentation is here:
http://doriantool.com/files/product...n Tool TruJaws Soft Jaw Machining Adapter.pdf

Advantages include:
O.D. and I.D. soft jaw machining
Minimum stock removal
Perfect concentricity and squareness of jaws
Maximum rigidity of jaws
Replaces thousands of rings and spiders.

Works smooth and the jaws come out to reverse.

Dorian claims that once machined, the jaws of your chuck will be true to within 0.0002" TIR.

Price from Travers $890.36
There's one on ebay for 550 Euros (about $700).
Can't find any sales on ebay, so no realistic pricing available.

Asking $400 obo.

Preference given to long-time board members in good standing.
If you are thinking of joining the board just to buy it, forget it (yes, I have been pm'ed by people with zero posts asking to buy my stuff).



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