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RMC 55 Enable DNC Ladder Modification Fanuc 0M


Oct 30, 2018

We have a Leblond Makino RMC-55 1991, the machine is in excellent shape. I chose this machine to make mold repairs and some fittings in finished parts. I couldn´t check the machine under power, but the control panel shown a DNC button so I was confident the transfer with drip feeding would be done with no problem. However, the machine came with the function disabled, the setting page shows TAPEF=0. I´ve called Makino and Fanuc and their solution was just to upgrade the memory.

I´ve read that the ladder could be modified from the eprom to able the DNC function, but I haven´t found an extensive thread that goes by details and tests to ensure the upgrade of the machine. If somebody here is willing to guide my endeavour I will keep posting my advance, I´m not expert, but I´ve done modifications to a ladder on a Robodrill with 32i but for sure that was easier than this.

Here is what I have,
Control: Fanuc 0M
Main Board: A02B 1003-0760/03A Date: 1990-01 (For what I read in Memex Memory Guide this is a series C)
Paramater back up already done.
M50 and M51 doesn´t work whit this.
Diagnostic 127.5 cannot be changed.
Is possible to send and receive programs via RS232 in Edit mode.

The ladder doesn´t show G127.5 as a coil, instead is a contact. The DNC button activates the contact F297.1, on the second rung the contact is NC in its initial state, when the button is pressed down opens the signal in the third and fourth rung. Attached a picture of the ladder.

If somebody here has a machine with the DNC function enable and could share a picture of the ladder showing the coil G127.5 to see how is programmed.

I read your comments, thank you in advance.




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Aug 24, 2006

We have an RMC55 with a 0M control and can drip feed. Don't know if it can be done in the edit mode, I'll ask my foreman tomorrow. How do you display the ladder? I've never had the need to. We have all manuals, bought the machine new in the mid 90s.