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Rockwell 21-100 Vertical Mill in Nor Cal

Ross Shafer

May 25, 2018
For Sale: Rockwell 21-100 Vertical mill. Runs great, no auto feed or back gears, uses R8 collets, runs on 110, on heavy duty casters. No significant gouges or damage to the table. Includes good quality vise.


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thanks guys had just finished shopping for some 5c collets and my geezerly noggin didn't switch gears. R* it is of course!
Dang...I wasn't paying enough attention when I wrote this ad and now can't figure out how to edit my original ad....I was able to yesterday to change 5C to R8...but no edit option shows today. You are absolutely correct though....price should've been included and $2700 is what I'm asking. I'd delete and redo the ad if I could figure out how to do that....