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Rockwell Delta Bandsaw 28-365 Gearbox Lubrication


Jan 31, 2017
I am in the process of fixing the hi-speed (direct drive) function in the gearbox (turns out screws and pins connecting the female clutch dog part to the input gear were sheared off). Before opening the box I removed the drain plug from the bottom but no oil came out. After disassembly I noted that the box is packed with lots of grease. From the position of the fill and level plug on the side I can see that the oil level, if used, would come to the middle of the gear reduction jack-shaft - which makes sense to lubricate the bronze bushes it spins on. I am wondering if and why Rockwell switched to packed grease lube and if it makes any sense for me to remove the grease and fill with gear oil. The condition of the gears and bushes is very good (the machine is a 1964 model and unknown earlier history so maybe didn't see much use). I have used it for a few years cutting metals and occasional wood (with the slow speed that works). But I wonder how the grease is lubricating the various bronze bushes adequately. So basically any opinions or advice on whether I should convert (back?) to oil sump lube?


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The Rockwell manual I have says "The gear case has been filled with 1 1/2 quarts of extreme pressure gear oil, Part No 999-01-013-1210." I believe that Mobilgear 600 XP 100 is a comparable oil. Seems to me that someone decided that "them there are gears and gears get greased".
Be careful with EP oil. Some will attack yellow metal. Offhand if they are GL 3 or below they are safe, GL5 will destroy yellow metal. GL4 may or may not be safe.
Bill D
What is the original specifcation for that gear box. Just because it now has heavy grease, does not mean that it is correct. There are many grease lubes other than gun grease. Double OO grease is common and a light grease, not oil.