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romi ez path bridgeport lathe


Sep 11, 2023
hi i have a 94 romi ez path lathe and the screen is telling me CMOS battery is low can any one please advise. thankyou
If it’s anything like my eztrak cmos battery then it is the battery on the motherboard that is used to save certain parameters when the machine is off. Mine was a coin battery soldered to the board but if you are comfortable with soldering then it isn’t a real big deal to replace.

I took mine off and replaced it with a batter holder
thankyou for responding, so i have to remove the mother board and why is it soldered
It's soldered because the OEM thought it was too expensive to install a battery holder (price of battery + holder - which you have to solder onto the board anyway). If you can, be sure to grab all your parameter data before you remove the board from the machine (not sure how that works on your machine - my Fadal has a similar kind of setup, just with an AA clone battery).
Yes the battery is soldered in. It is not difficult just be careful with the plastic ribbon strips. It does not loss programing when removed.