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Rotary Engine Machinist in CT

Mark Winsor

Feb 4, 2013
Hartford, CT, USA
Here is a link to the job description, which is copied and pasted below: Careers | LiquidPiston

I have worked for/with this company since 2011 and can answer any questions about the job here or in PM's. The "Qualifications" are guidelines, not set in stone.
The engineering team is expanding as a result of being awarded two new engine development contracts.

LiquidPiston is seeking an experienced Prototype Engineer to assist in manufacturing rotary engine parts. This position will also involve some work beyond manufacturing: engine assembly/teardown, teaching of interns, experimenting with new manufacturing processes and tools, etc. Day to day tasks will depend on the Engineering team’s needs. Overall, you will be the leader of the prototype shop.

10 years of experience working with mills, lathes, grinders
5 years of experience operating CAM software, preferably Mastercam
5 years of experience setting up/operating a CNC Machining Center, preferably Haas
Ability to independently select tooling, order materials, stay organized using MS Office tools
Good understanding of tolerances, inspection equipment, blueprint reading, GD&T
Desire to work with an engineering team in a prototype/experimental environment
Excellent professional references
Demonstrated ability to manufacture challenging parts from a variety of materials used in high performance engines
Flexibility and communication skills to work with outside vendors on joint projects

LiquidPiston, Inc. is an MIT rooted R&D company poised to transform ten years of breakthrough thermodynamics research into the world’s most efficient rotary engine. With a fundamental design that scales from lawnmowers, to locomotives, LiquidPiston has the potential to add fifty years to the life of the internal combustion engine in a resource-constrained world.