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Rotary index table identification


Nov 20, 2022
Last time i asked for help identifying something obscure i was shocked how fast i got an answer, so here we go again.

I want to see if i can find any info on this before i start tearing into it and i cant seem to find anything like it so far. My closest guess would be some older chineese knockoff of a bison rotary table? I got it from an auction of a closed shop that manufactured diamond grinding wheels.

Its a 12" table and has 32 notches around for indexing. Can be used vertical or horizontally. One full revolution of the handle turns the table 4 degrees. The only marking i could find was a stamp that read "p8744" That center post i think was shop made to mount a wheel of some sort for machining.

Anyone have something simmilar? Any info would be helpful


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I would have said Taiwanse rather than China, .......... looks to be a fairly good one though, quite easy to check out with some known angle blocks etc etc

The stamping looks like it may be the pitch Dia of the worm wheel - possibly marked thuse for selective assembly.
You can only tell so much from photos, but I was thinking the same as Limy Sami. The casting, handwheel scale and other markings along with other bits and pieces look way better than chinese. Taiwan or even western world would be my guess.