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Rotary Phase Convertor (RPC) - Phase Balancing and Power Factor Correction


Nov 13, 2016
Renton, WA
I am building my first RPC. I started from a pony motor design with no run or pf caps and converted it to a potential relay self starter. Though it is 7.5 hp, I am not having any trouble starting it because of the low current draw of the repulsion start motor. I would appreciate it if some of you with more experience would take a look at the attached balancing results and tell me what I might try next. The last line is the current configuration.
RPC Balancing Results.jpg
What works for me is a ratio of 1.8 in run capacitor sizes. Like 90 to 50.
Take out the PF cap and substitute 50 uF for C23 and see if it gets better.