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Royal Milling Machine

Maybe someone can recognize it as a machine going under a different name, which also came from Taiwan. Here are photos of the thing. I'd like to find a manual on it, just to show how some feed box gears go back into it. :D


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That's a horizontal spindle, hiding under the ram?

Sharp VH25 has more similarity that Acra, Grizzly, an Italian one, "etc."

USMT "Quartet" combo owner, here. My "combo mill" is outright WEIRD, given the H spindle rotates with the turret.

I don't even have a lube spec for it. What cannot be well-enough understood to maintain? Gets changed to some other thing I DO understand.

The Royal is more conventional, in the line of the old B&S Universal, a Rambaudi, or the like wherein the H spindle is fixed, and ONLY the V head is on the turret.

Looks like a decently made mill, but you may have to "reverse engineer it" based off of how mills, in general are meant to work.

Yes, that's the route many of us have to go to identify and maintain our stuff.