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Rs232 matsuura ra3 with yasnac J300, HELP


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Nov 25, 2020
Riga, Latvia
Still me figuring out my matsuura ra3g with yasnac j300m controls. Now I am stuck on data transfer from PC.
My setup is old hp corporate pc with on-board com port, win7. Cable came with the machine, have not checked it yet tho, but presumably it is wired correctly(will check it later) Software i am trying is DNC4U(does not launch for some reason) and Cimco Edit.
Baud rate, data bits and error bits are same on both sides(tried 2400-4800-9600), software handshake NC control does not do anything, no data transfer happens at all. If i go hardware handshake i get illegal character. If i go other way round and send nc program from control to pc, i get bunch ofcorrupt symbols and thats all.

As if baud rate is mismatched or something. Does any1 have similar experience with yasnac?
Welp, I found the culprit. It was not the software, not com port drivers, not cable, it was 2 parameters No6 and no7, adjusted them to Yaskawa tech support recommendations, and everything works. Another thing I did not know matters, is G-code is case sensitive, and everything should be written in CAPS.


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