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Dec 17, 2004
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Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, November 15, 2023

Nov 15, 2023 - ISW Press

The European Union (EU) appears poised to ban the export of precision machine tools and key weapons manufacturing equipment components to Russia. The ban, if enacted and effectively enforced, could deal a significant blow to Russia’s defense industrial base (DIB) given precision machine tools’ importance in industrial manufacturing. Bloomberg reported on November 15 that the EU’s 12th sanctions package proposes a ban on the export of precision machine tools and machinery parts that Russia uses to make weapons and ammunition, such as welding machines, lithium batteries, thermostats, motors, and drone motors. Bloomberg reported that Russia has been importing precision machines and precision machine tools from Europe to sustain its ammunition production and other DIB production efforts. Bne Intellinews reported in June 2021 that Russia’s near total reliance on European- and US-produced precision machine tools makes Russia particularly vulnerable to such sanctions and noted that at the time Russia imported almost all of the precision machines it required.
It seems to me that one topic about Russia is enough for one section :)
As for the sanctions, I admit, I have not read the contents of the 12th package of sanctions, but based on the experience of the previous 11, there are not a single or almost no sanctions against the Russian Federation - they are all against some companies. I don’t know what’s in the minds of the compilers of this - do they really think that the DMGMori machine, having physically reached Russia, will not be able to get into a defense plant?
So far I know of only one country that is actively introducing sanctions specifically against Russia as a state - Japan. Last year they banned the export of measuring instruments and equipment to Russia, among many other things.
The second problem with trying to prevent the conditional Mazak from getting into Russia is a hole the size of China. And also the size of Turkey, the UAE, etc. I hope that in the near future at least the leading manufacturers of machine tools and CNC will make relocators with a good degree of security - what we have now is just a mockery of security.
I’d agree follow through is not great. Gasoline I believe is still flowing out of Russia with no sanctions.
the worlds biggest oil companies are sourcing Russian oil via Indian subsidiaries ..........More Russian oil sold than before the war ...........and there is something on this forum of the supply of a US made CNC crankshaft mill direct to the Russian tank factory.......sanctions are flexible things ,and can be easily bent where big money is involved.
Makes me wonder if Ukraine will send a few drone units near the russia/india shipping lanes. A 30 pound explosive dropped on a oil tanker might wake up things.
Bill D