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S153 annoyance has devolved into S158 and will no longer operate


Oct 31, 2019
Vista, CA
Hi all,
My 1997 DMU50v finally stopped working for good. Last night was fine, but this morning after startup and initializing, the machine would throw an S158 alarm when I closed the door. Several restarts would give the same alarm, S158(hi res.meas.sys. input alarm). It also has an E01 (lubrication pressure switch low). It doesn't give the alarm until I close the door.
In any case, I think the spindle drive is faulty. I'm fairly certain that's a thing. Any ideas on how to check on that before I commit to taking it apart and sending it for repairs?
I had a S173+ error on my DMU50V and it was a bad upper bearing. Pretty easy to replace, I wrote up a fairly detailed procedure here.

The door switch is also a problem on mine. I think they eventually wear out and start giving errors. I also get random errors when the door opens or closes some days, they are always clearable and dont require a restart so I haven't gotten around to repairing/replacing the door switch. Dont recall exactly what the errors are but Ill check and post back here.
It could be something like that. This Sunday, the ATC door didn't open all the way and it did what it does with maximum force.

The random alarms with the door has been happening to me as well, since about January, sometimes with an s153 alarm, sometimes with an e130. I have a post about it here. One thing I did to alleviate the annoyance of it was staying out of setup mode as much as possible. One user suggested it was a sticky safety switch in the back, I think his was 16k1. So sometimes I would open up the back and manually switch all of the switches a couple times to loosen them up, without power of course.

When I have some of this debt paid off, and a little set aside, I'll look into the bearings.
any new findings? It also throws away error S150 and S158 as soon as the machine is turned on. The drives cannot be switched on at all.
I'm still nose deep in debt and can't justify putting more time, money and effort into it, yet.
You need to be a little more descriptive, narex. Have you ever used your machine before? Did something happen before the last time you shut it down?