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S700 Brother for sale


Apr 25, 2014
san diego
I bought this machine new. C00 control, Brother 4th Axis with tailstock.. 10K hi-torque, dual contact spindle. I bought the increased look ahead package and Yamazen has updated the firmware. This has the CTS preparation and auto-grease. I'll include and Orange vise!! This is an older vise, mostly steel and iron. We've used this on our own parts, mostly small tools. Some work on aluminum with maximum tool ize 1/4 (rarely used), 1/2 and smaller on aluminum commonly, and then 1/4 down to 1/8 used on 17-4. We've done a little bit of profiling a hex on Stressproof, again low load work. It's has the Renishaw spindle probe and a tool setter, IIRC it's a Metrol but I'll have to double check. I have to start downsizing, I'm turning 70 and physically slowing down. I'm looking for $70K. I have a guy that can help get it on a truck.


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