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Saeilo Mach3A Pallet Changer Index Error


May 4, 2020
I bought this Saeilo Mach3A Horizontal a year ago or so and it has been working well for us. It has Fanuc Series O-M controls and a shop floor automation dripper. About a month ago it gave us a 101 p/s error that would not clear. Fanuc said a hard reset was our only option, so we wiped the machine. Of course this wiped ALL the programs, so by using the manual we were able rewrite the 9000 tool changer program (which now works) and also the pallet changer programs which now work manually (after many tweaks). Now when we try and rotate the pallet changer using an M60 we get an 078 p/s error. I believe it is a "missing program error" but we have the program for "M60" written in the proper register (9020 if I remember right) that is prescribed in the manual. Any ideas why it would be throwing an error when we try and get the pallet changer to turn on code?
Still working on this problem. Any code samples I could try or any help on basic pallet changing programs would be appreciated. Understand I am a newbie, but learning as fast as possible. Finding machinists has been quite a challenge, so I am having to learn as much as possible myself to keep production running...
Step 1: if the pallet change program is 9020, then parameter 230 must be set to 60.

If that is 60 and you get the alarm still:

step 2: parameter 10 bit 4 (xxx0xxxx) being a zero will allow you to "edit" the 9000 programs. I believe that should also let you view the 9020 program as it is executing. You should be able to single block thru it and see if it is calling another subprogram or macro program within (such as with m98 or g65).