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Scams, the latest one to watch out for


Jan 26, 2003
Pacific Northwest
One of the latest scams going around is a business imposter fraud. It happens like this. A company gets an email from a vendor stating that the payment method has changed and starting with the next invoice, payments shall be sent via a different method and they give you the details, usually direct deposit information or a different address.

The scammers apparently get access to email accounts and gather enough information to present a rather convincing request. Please be on alert for any requested changes from any of your vendors. I also sent this to my customers and that any change request will be accompanied by a phone call. This has recently happened to one of my customers and our local garden club. They were both suspicious and didn’t fall for it.
Just had the same in the last couple of weeks with one of my vendors, got an email saying bank deposit details had changed yet the original details were still on their invoices. My accounts lady called to verify and the vendor knew nothing about the email even though it had come from their email account. Their account had been hacked and it was a scam.
This scam has been going around Australia for about 2 years, we got done for a couple of $k. our company policy is to now confirm any payment details that aren't already in our system by phone call.
Some guy in Moldova was able to steal over 100 million from google by sending fake invoices. I guess he's all time world champ at this scam. Stay safe out there folks.
I'd think that for money like that on the line, a company even as Lefty as Google, would be looking at hiring a crew of 'wet-work' boys to find and fix that problem...

Credit to the dude for having a set of nut the size of hot air balloons, though! LOL!