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Schaublin 125B & tool cabinet for sale in Switzerland


Hot Rolled
Mar 24, 2020
Just a heads up that a 125 is up for sale through Apex Auctions ending 21st March - site is Le Locle and the equipment of which there is lots is from a company called Dixi Cylinder (watch makers as I understand) - in Switzerland.

Fancied a bid myself but after taxes, import duties, transport etc it will not be worth while sadly, someone more local in Europe may be better positioned to buy it depending on the price achieved. It has a cabinet of tooling to go with it as a separate lot, cannot see any fixed or travelling steadies but collets and tooling.

Also and I would really love to get this but again to much cost to add is a cabinet with accessories for an Aciera F3 - slotter, high speed head etc.

If anyone grabs stuff be great to know how you get on and what it cost for reference :)