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Schaublin 13 is finally clean, setted at 380v and running.


Apr 17, 2023

Thanks for all help I'm having so far from you guys.
One 1974 Schaublin 13 is up, ready and going!
Did a big disassembly, cleaned everything (looks like first clean in 49 years!) and repacked motors, electrical circuit, oil sysem, tables, attachments, vises...
Universal tilting table has aligned to under 0.02 mm from one end to the other on every direction (front-to-back, rotational on front and rotational on top), considering maximum movement travel. Some parts were "hollow" (concave) on the middle, but since there was the next piece to attach upon, I'm guessing this was made like that, so that the upper part press against the bottom part, thus flexing and cancelling the bowing. When assembled, top surface was flat at zero deviation (if you dismiss all the dings and corrosion pits).

First project was to make the brackets for my sino KA-500 DRO scale on the ram (Y axis). Installation will be on left side of the ram, on the lateral T-slots, over the original ruler.
Early findings: this is so much more rigid than my import mill-drill with prismatic columm. Locking the ram (see comment below), I was able to almost polish the surface with climb cutting finishing passes. Never seem this before. Looks youtube-ish. Power feed with rapid transverse pedal is a joy. Original Schaublin vise is very easy to work with and has a gorilla holding power! Well made stuff.
Found that the ram is having some issues opon reverting movement: unwanted rotations (same as described by Fusta i Ferro here: https://fif.viri.cat/2022/09/sv13-ref-5/). Will measure it out and probably will have to do some disassembly on the ram and some scraping as well. That made setting this dimension on the bracket very difficult, with little correspondence from dial to actual travel.
Also, did press some 20-or-so oil pumps since I completety emptied and cleaned the system. Wow, a lot of oil dripping from ways, inside the cabinet, everywhere. Now I'll only press two or three times each day, am sure that oil has gone where it was supposed to go (and a lot went to my floor).
Lack of quill movement is strange at first - hopefully not long until I adpat?

Next project: didn't came with an original drawbar, the one included was in bad condition, improvised with a screw, thus introducing some imbalance. Will make one on the lathe and the hexagon on the mill block, like (well, quite unlike) TOT, following original Schaublin plans.

Ordered today ER-40 and B18 arbors (for my Albrecht chuck), as machine came only with a ER-16 holder and collet set - limiting the size to a 10mm endmill (though many original Schaublin collets are present, couldn't find their arbors/holders).

Will keep commenting my findings here.
Some pics of the assembly. When I upload my cel camera to the cloud, will post machine pics.


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