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sealing ring specialty material?


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Aug 9, 2011
new plymouth id
I have this seal ring for a casing hammer for keeping the grit and water out of the working parts that works really well but it is a manufactured only 1 size by the oem. Im trying to retro fit a different hammer that needs a smaller seal, (that right now is using hydraulic packs, those last maybe an hour). is there a possibility these are a poured 2 part rubber?
if it was purchasable in the size I need i would just order it. it is a fairly expensive part so the manufacturing costs has fat in it just trying to figure out what material would be a good one to try. thanks


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It would be worth trying a cutdown. Slice with a razorblade and then use loctite 406. If it won't bond, use the primer on one surface. I use this method a lot for o-rings.
A first step would be to cut a sliver off the seal you like. Hold it in the flame of a cigarette lighter. If it makes white smoke and leaves white ash it's silicone. If black then the list of what it could be is long.

is there a possibility these are a poured 2 part rubber?

Doubtful that the commercial ones are cast. But maybe you could cast them. One problem is that there are only a few elastomers that can be cast: silicones, urethanes, and variations on these 2 themes. Many more options exist for molding.
Quite a few O-ring companies will custom mold one for you.
With 3D printing, making a mold is cheap.
Seal & Design in Charlotte NC or
Apple Rubber in Buffalo NY.

If you pay the tooling charge, they will sell you just one.
And then you own the tooling.

You know, you can straight up 3D print this cup seal
out of urethane or other printable rubber materials.
I am not hip to all that is available, but we do print with
some rubber-like materials at work.

That looks like a glass filled Teflon with lots of filler.
Second guess could be EPDM.
I know down here in my neck of the woods a mold for doing a seal ring such as this one would cost anywhere from $2500 to over $10K, just depending on the vendor you deal with. Some offer part ownership of the mold. If you buy 10,000 of them, they may massage the mold cost in those 10,000 pieces.
Need to find a true rubber molding house that deals with specials like this and they have the equipment to determine what you have there. Not your thpical O-ring vendors There's several in the DFW, Houston areas that do this kind of work. Might get lucky and get these machined from a tube. Likely have to be molded.
If you don't mind dealing with Canada, you have Imperial Rubber near you.
its a very soft compound I was guessing something along the line sand blast hose, I will try the smoke trick.
about 2 minutes in is how it works this is a the seal for keeping the muck out of the wrong area I have one of these hammers on one rig but an older air style on the other and would like to seal up better
Here's a better video showing the seals being changed out.

The top one is definitely a urethane blend of some sort.
The bottom one, who knows.
Yea it’s the bottom one that I’m needing a different size I have already retrofited to use the top one that one is more of a consumable so I modified to use direct parts the bottom one I don’t have enough meat to make it work.