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Selling surplus bearings


Cast Iron
Dec 9, 2003
Cairo, NY USA
Anyone sell bearings to the suppliers? I came into some bearings from a well driller. Bigger than I usually hoard, still in original packaging and wax paper.

Who have you sold to? Is it worth it? What $$ am I likely to get? Or should I keep these on the shelf?


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Can you list some of the bearing numbers here?
Even though they are rather big for my needs, there maybe someone else here that maybe interested in them.
It will cost a good bit UP FRONT to put them on Amazon. And they want a rather large percentage. I looked into selling stuff there.

But you can list on E-bay and don't have to pay anything until they sell. Much better for something like this.
I don't think it's a bad thing, but I'm surprised any supplier would buy old bearings for fear of their condition and liability, etc. But I guess they can inspect them and offer them as 'good old' stock.
IME Don't expect much - 10 - 15% of their trade price if you're lucky ..............the last lot I had - several hundred pounds I scrapped as the flame wasn't worth the candle.
Crowd here buy bearings .."Surplus Bearings" ....they generally offer $1 per bearing.......they also advertize cheap bearings ......my experience they charge more than SKF ,so I steer clear ,and any surplus bearings I store ,and use or eventually scrap.
Those are at least 25-30 years old and what I can see appear to be deep groove bearings. They were cheap when new and are worth very little now. If youre feeling ambitious Id start with ebay, as I doubt a distributor would be interested. I know if I bought a "new" bearing from a distributor and one of those showed up..we'd have a chat. You could make a list of part numbers and shoot it to some distributors, they may see one or two they want and just buy the entire lot to get them, but again I wouldnt expect to retire from the sale.
I appreciate the input from you all! As I started sorting thru them, lots of the boxes crumbled and are hard to read. I'm thinking I'll squirrel away what is of usable size, and hang the big ones up as shop decor. Perhaps throw a few of the floating double row on the for sale section here for cheap- I'd rather have them go to a participant here than give them away to a corporate flipper.

Thanks again for the insite!
I'm thinking I'll squirrel away what is of usable size, and hang the big ones up as shop decor.
In China, places out in the country buy old bearings, cut them apart, pound them flat in a forge, and make handmade cleavers out of them. I bet there's knife guys doing a similar thing in the US.

Or you could get a small hammer and get into that yourself, it looks like a lot of fun. 52100 makes good knife steel.