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Sharp Varispeed head issues


Dec 12, 2023
Hello all, long time reader first time poster...
We have a 2ish year old MP-3 G2 mill, bridgeport clone with the Accrite G2 on it. We are a school shop so machine has low hours but a lot of student users, my guess is someone cranked on the spindle speed dial while the machine was off, and this resulted in a broken roll pin that connects the brass worm gear to the shaft with the chain.

I was able to remove that part replace the pin, reassemble it, made sure the chain went the right way (counterclockwise) but now I cannot dial the rpms past 1400ish without something seizing up one of the pullies in the head. Using a tac I can confirm I can reach full rpms but not anything below a certain point. Adjusting the screw/nut on the back of the head (in front of the motor) doesn't help either.
Any thoughts on what could have broke in side the head? or my repair being faulty?
Next step seems to remove the motor, and open it up to see what could have gone wrong but any advice would be great. Sharp technical support (super nice guys) seems to also be unsure what could have happened.