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Shop Clean Out - Dearborn, Michigan

Frank R

Dec 18, 2009
Dearborn, Michigan
I bought a new house and I am moving out of Dearborn. I have a lot of items to sell, mostly lathe-related items, tooling, and machinist tools.

Please look at the pictures in the link to my Dropbox folder. I had too many pictures to show here.

Please note that this is a package deal. I want someone to buy the whole package. I realize you may have to drive to Michigan, so I will make it worth your while. Please text me here at PM and make an offer on the package.

Most of the items are South Bend, Logan, and Atlas. Look for the collet closer, part of a taper attachment, a Biax scraper that needs a rebuild, and lots of chucks. Some chucks have never been used. In the tool boxes are micrometers and other measuring tools.

I used to have a table at the NAMES Show so I may have met some of you.

Note that there are a few items in the pictures that are not included. For example, The shot of the dial height gage happens to show a tool box behind it; that box is not included.

Feel free to ask questions.

Come visit and take some time to visit the Henry Ford Museum while you are here.

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