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Should I leave Mitutoyo KA DRO powered on all the time ?


Mar 24, 2017
I bought an older Colchester Triumph lathe a month ago. It came with a Mitutoyo KA DRO and scales on the Carriage and cross slide. It has a main power switch on the back of the unit and display on/off button on the front. I will only be using the lathe occasionally - sometime not for a few weeks. I am not sure if I should leave the DRO powered on all the time and just turn the display off with the button on the front or should I power it down completely with the switch on the back if I am not going to use it again for a few days. My shop is well insulated but not heated and it will get down close to close to the freezing point in the winter when we have a few days of cold weather.
I have done both with various pieces of equipment with no difference in longevity that I can see
If the shop is well insulated, I would get a 240v heater and keep it above 40 to prevent condensation rusting everything.
Yea...this is one of those things I gave up worrying about as there seems to be no real answer.

I used to worry about power surges...but then, most DRO's are isolated pretty well from the grid thanks to their power supply transformer.

I do turn off the display to avoid burnout...but my latest Newall automatically turns off the display after 15 minutes so I don't even do that anymore.
thanks for the comments, I will probably leave the main power on for the winter to prevent condensation on the cold days and turn it off in the warm weather months if I don't plan to use it in the next week or more.