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Shout out to two good companies


Aug 12, 2002
Regina, Canada
McMaster of course. I needed a gear for a lathe I was fixing. No specs but figured it would be metric as lathe was built in Taiwan. Ordered two both turned out not to be the one I needed. Called M asked if I could return them, the guy said you can return anything you buy from us. He offered to send a return label I said it was my fault and I would pay the return. Sent them back and they issued a full refund including the initial delivery charge. Ordered the right gear and put the machine together. Great service in my opinion.
Second a Canadian company Princess Auto, sort of like Harbor Freight. LED lite failed, I had no bill nor the original package. They looked it up and gave me a new light plus a $3 credit as the replacement was a bit cheaper than the original. Again great service no hassle.