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Siemens 840C on Hyundai Hit 18s Backup Options


Jun 17, 2018
I purchased a Hyundai 18s last year. It has 840C control. I think version 4. I am a total newbie to this control. I would like to backup the system. Based on what I have read, the hard drive is the weakest link in these units. What is the best way to back it up?
copy over to a ssd. And run the ssd. Have a tech that has dos experience . There are certain os that will overwrite the boot sector and thinking its windows for sure and can’t remember if ms dos does or not. So make sure that the hd doesn’t get attached with a hd that has a os on it for safety sake. Make the old hd the master and new ssd as a slave. Boot up and if I remember you can control c to cancel the autoexec.bat. Cd\drdos then Fdisk new hd and partition it. Then format d: /s. Then use the diskcopy utility. Diskcopy /? Should give you the syntax and switches needed. Again been almost 20 years since I last did it but this should get you in the direction