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Siemens 840D control copy and paste issue

The Anti-Expert

Jul 27, 2021
Hello, I am having issues with copying and pasting text from within programs. The control is a Siemens 840D SL (Solution Line). I can copy and paste text within programs well enough but only up to a certain number of lines or data limit. I can only copy/cut so many cumulative times before I get a message stating "text could not be copied". I also will get a similar message when trying to cut the same amount of information and it asks if I'd rather delete the selected data rather than cut for pasting. Interestingly enough, when I try to cut the same information that I am unable to copy, the message reads "Cutting not possible, as insufficient space in the buffer. Should marked blocks be deleted?". This is what leads me to believe there is a buffer location where this information is temporary storage but Ive also tried resetting the controls PC, as well as completely powering machine down to see if that buffer would empty itself and it doesn't seem to. Yet the issue happens every so often so Im a bit puzzled. Perhaps this "buffer" is wiped at set time intervals?

It seems as if this buffer or temporary location that has a line or data size limit where anything I copy or cut gets stored and it fills up. I say this because I have also ran into an issue where I copied a larger section of text without issues, but tried to copy a shorter/smaller section of text afterwards and got the same "text could not be copied" or the message about selection not being able to be cut. This leads me to believe it is a cumulative effect as well. I dont know how or where to find this buffer area if it even exists but I am hoping if I can find it I can essentially delete the information in it as needed when it fills up. With that being said, it seems odd that this is even an issue because Im not copying large sections of surfacing programs that have hundreds of thousands of lines of code. This last instance was around 77kb of text according to file size viewed in file explorer on a pc. The control has plenty of storage memory available in the areas I am transferring files to/from and where the programs are stored that I am copying/cutting/pasting within. The NC drive (where programs are run from) usually has around 2.6mb free at any given time and the Local Drive we use for storage of programs has around 11gb free.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I've googled for a solution, using keywords, quoted the exact messages/errors and tried to wade through the siemens forums but its hard to find anything specific over there and my search has netted absolutely nothing related to this problem.
I've never seen what you are saying before, but could it be that you already previously copy'd some text, and never pasted it, and then went to try to copy more elsewhere?

I understand that on a PC the new copy will cover up any previous copy, and Siemens does run Winders to some degree, but maybe just try pasting somewhere, and if you paste something that you don't want (dumping the editor) then just go back and highlight and delete it.


NOW - one thing that I HAVE had issues with in regards to copy/paste, is that the new program would skip the first or last line. I can see it there, but the control wouldn't read it.

What I doo now is to enter an empty line for and aft my selected area, and start and end in the blank lines.
That has solved my issue.


Think Snow Eh!
its strange it seems to fill the buffer but doesn't clear after pasted and you can copy half the program one time then only manage to get 3 lines after.
but it seems if you hit cancel it clears the buffer. doesn't help if your trying to background edit.
I can’t tell you any solution. I can say that I only move 600-800 lines of code at a time.
But I usually create ShopMill programs and insert g-code bits into them.
I have vague memories of being able to move more lines into EIA/ISO programs but it’s been so long I can’t give a definite answer.
Hopefully someone will come along and have a solution. DMG is always friendly but petty useless to any questions I ask them.