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Siemens Component Diagnostics?


Aug 27, 2002
Northwest Ohio
I am getting alarm (see pic) on 2 different mills with 810D controls / both PCU50's.

I have bought 3 used power supplies as those are what normally fixes my machines.
One was a fire breathing dragon - set that one asside and labeled it....

The other two P/S's give me the same results as what I started with. (again - 2 like machines)

So then I picked up a used Spindle Drive + 2x drive unit, and that offers no change.

I had a private party tech that has helped me remotely, and / or even send stuff / or I have even taken stuff to him to repair...
But it's been prolly 2 years since I have talked to him, and after 2 days I am getting no response. (not like him)

So, I am wondering if anyone here has any go-to for Siemens amp troubleshooting help / repair?
My guess is that all of these power supplies need some caps replaced, but that's just my guess...
These components would all be 20+ yrs old now, so buying another one is likely going to have dried out caps as well...

Unless someone else can tell me some other place to look?

The P/S comes up totally fine.
Everybody boots up good...
But when I engage the amps, the P/S drops out.

No red leds on the P/S, just goes dark.
All three P/S's the same.

While the Spindle = 2X drive still looks happy as a clam. (lark?)


Yellow light IS blinking (normal)
Took me a few tries to get the LED on in the pic...