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Slitting Saw Feeds and Speeds Stainless

Try and have as many teeth as possible engated in the cut. The last diagram above is non-ideal. You want to have the saw just barely clearing the inside of the cut. You want slow then you think, and faster feed than you think. Slow feed means you will be work-hardening the material while cutting it.
You can control how many teeth are engaged at one time by changing the how far the cutter penetrates your tube. My suggestion for the outside was thinking you had too many teeth engaged at a time and they were loading up with chips. With the 30 tooth cutter you could get hammering if there are not always three teeth cutting at a time.
Thanks guys, I've updated the toolpath as follows. Should have more engagement.
Well that certainly worked better! I did have some issues getting the cut started, the blade would spin in the arbor once a couple teeth were engaged. I had to bump up the rpm to around 70-80 rpm, maybe 1.25 in/min feed (62SFM - .0016in/tooth). Constant cutting after full engagement at 50 rpm and 2.52 in/min (40SFM - .0008 in/tooth). Didnt care about the weld at all, forgot it was even there!
Here's a video of the cut. Little bit of a squeal but not terrible, definetly sounds worse on camera. In person there was a squeal but a more prominent humm as the teeth engaged, Maybe I can get the saw more concentric next time. Also some pictures of the part in progress for fun.
Thanks everyone for the help, it's saved me a lot of time and even more money! No carbide needed after all.