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Slotting 3/16" 1018 steel on a little CNC bentchtop mill Few newbie questions

What is that wrench for? Any nut that needs 30" of leverage will likely cam out of a 1/4" wrench with only 2 sides of grip.
It's 60 mm wrench for Light Machine's Prolight 3000 CNC lathe headstock spindle. It's kind of amazing to see how those machines make parts for each other. The score is 2:1, the mill is in the lead.
😆 Don't pay no mind to the grumpy old men, they are just bored.
Go to your local friendly water cutting shop. They can make this part within a couple of thousandths for about $25 in about 10 minutes.

You’re gonna trash a lot of 1/4 end mills trying to do it yourself.