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Small cement mixer recommendations


Hot Rolled
Sep 17, 2014
San Diego, Ca
I know this isn't necessary the site for it, but I was hoping someone can give me some feedback and options for a small volume electric cement mixer. I am doing some research at school that requires a whole bunch of small batch (about 1.5cu ft) mixes that is poured into testing molds. The mixer that is there is a harbor freight POS orange mixer that the barrel tips while the cart stays stationary. It really is a piece of modern art. There are a bunch of other options available but they look the same as the HF one we have now. I am going to try to get the school to replace it but I need some better alternatives. All of my concrete experience is from a truck, a wheel barrel or small bucket. I am not a fan of these mixers. Can anyone suggest a replacement?

I cannot just hand mix the batches, there are too many samples that need to be made, and we are using a powered mixer to avoid any influence that hand mixing would cause.

Thanks for the time and advice ahead of time. Stay safe out there.
HF mixers the opening is too small for easy throw of mix into the machine. I would expect a lot of spillage of the dry goods.
I am in modesto. I will give you my good mixer if you come pick it up. I think it is made by Imer who advertise a batch per minute. It easily separates into the two parts.
Read some instructions for mixing mortar or stucco to be amused. Lots of wait time between multiple mixing times. I doubt many mason wait around for that. Just like the paint over stucco before it cures and wonder why the paint fails in a few years.
Why do they not do color coat stucco? Seems a no brainer over having to hire in a paint crew to paint earth tones easily achieved by color coat that will last centuries. I lived in a duplex built around 1960 that has never been painted except the wood trim. The tucco still looks great same as the sistine chapel ceiling or Roman stuff.
Bill D