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Smog Hog(s) for sale


Cast Iron
May 6, 2011
No. Cal.
For sale: two Smog-Hog mist collectors.

Quick history….one unit has been in shop use for at least 20yrs. It still works, but may need some clean-up or TLC. The second unit is quite new and has seen very little use. When the second unit was installed it was connected to two Fadals for a short period of time. When a ‘regime change’ took place in the shop shortly after, both Smog Hogs were shut down in favor of individual mist collectors installed on each machine.

Both units were disconnected from machines and allowed to sit dormant, till a recent shop reorganization allowed for removing the units and selling them off.

Price: The older unit carries the considerable price tag of….Free! All you have to do is pick it up. We can strap it to a pallet and run shrinkwrap around it, but that is the extent of our efforts. We can place it on/in a truck with our forklift.

We are looking for ~$3,000.00 for the second, nearly new unit. If you visit the Universal Air Industries website and punch in SHN-20 you will see the new units listed for $9.541.00. This unit that we are selling may have 1000hrs or so on it per the recollections of the shop staff.

Finally, if you take both, then we’ll let the second newer one go for $2,500.00.

Please contact Don Francis/shop foreman Sutter Instrument Co. at 415-883-0128 between the hrs. of 6am to 12noon Monday thru Friday. Or contact him at [email protected].

P.S. Tried to post images with the message, but for some reason or other it will not accept .jpg images. Please email [email protected] and we can supply images. Thanks.
Was finally able to get pics that would attach properly. The serial number plate is from the newer Smog Hog.
Just realized, would be good idea to give our location ;-) We're located in northern Marin County (north of the Golden Gate) at the confluence of Highway 101 and Highway 37 - south Novato area.


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Ok, time for a price reduction....will take ~$2,000.00 for the newer Smog Hog. Or, if you take both, will let the newer one go for $1,500.00.
Contact info remains the same. Thanks.
Last call for the newer Smog Hog....$1,000 or best offer. Let us know at the original contact info in first post. Thanks.