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**SOLD** Wells Index 847 QC30 taper w/DRO (NW Indiana)


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Mar 27, 2005
Northwest Indiana, USA
Well, never thought I'd be letting this go, but I need to make room for a new replacement that I managed to run across, hope I don't regret it. I've had this for the last several years, it's in decent shape, still cuts relatively flat. It's got a little wear, but nothing egregious. 3HP motor, good for 50-4200 RPM, spindle bearings were replaced with new angular contact bearings maybe a couple hundred hours of run time ago. Spindle is quiet and at 4,200 RPM for an hour it doesn't get above 110° or so. I run it from a VFD from single phase with a remote control on the head, (has FWD/REV toggle, Start, Stop, Jog, speed pot) but I can wire it back to the original drum switch before it leaves if the buyer desires. VFD can come with or not, depending on agreed price. Brake needs adjusted or perhaps some new shoes or something. I just used low range when changing tooling

I have a large collection of 30 taper holders, will include at least a good selection, perhaps all depending on agreed price. I've got most solid endmill holder sizes, multiple 3 & 4 Morse, Jacob's chucks, IIRC (6) TG75 collet chucks and a bunch of collets plus a DA collet chuck and some collets. Last photo shows some (not all) of the 30 taper tooling. Machine has an X/Y Mitutoyo DRO with .0005" resolution. Bijur oil pump with lines run to lube points. Quill power feed works fine, as does the kickout. It's got a quick position quill handle. The quill return spring could probably use replacing. I could adjust it to either where it would drop it just slightly or spring back up, so I left it set with the slight spring return. I think the spring is either sticking along the coil or maybe it broke at one point and someone shortened it, don't know. No vises included, keeping those for the new machine.

I also have a Kurt power drawbar that may or may not go with, depending on agreed price. I've got someone else local who wants to buy that, though. (Power drawbar sold).

This machine has an optional larger table compared to the standard run of the mill 847's you might see, it's 12" x 46" with an extra T-slot compared to the run of the mill ones and travels are 11.75" x 31.25" or thereabouts. Sort of similar to a Bridgeport Series 2 special but no square box ways, just dovetailed ways. Wells Index is still in business and making new machines here in Michigan and new parts for these are still available. Asking price is $4,000 OBO. Machine is located in NW Indiana about 45 minutes to an hour southeast of Chicago. Oh, and because someone already asked me this, backlash in X ~.024", Y ~.016" and Z ~.018" - a little bit of wear, but not bad. I can load on a trailer.





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Listed this on Facecrook marketplace too. You guys think the scammers are bad here? Jay-zus. Already had 3 separate ones there trying to pull a scam.
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:ROFLMAO: "Facecrook" Marketplace, LOL! :ROFLMAO:

Yeah, ain't no joke either. Worst pile of scamming bastards I've ever seen on there. I only do cash in hand deals there. Don't trust most of the rest unless they have good feedback from other guys I know.

Wish you were two thousand miles closer. I'd replace my old 645 with this one.

Find a good LTL, you might be surprised. I would do shipping if it's someone I trust, like a long time member here. I'd make it safe for shipment too. Not really looking to ship for any random person I just met though. Lots of scammers out there these days. Be a little more lenient on pricing if shipping to a known quantity from here also.
Added this video, changed the machine back to native 3 phase with the drum switch. Pretty easy to swap back and forth. Discovered that the switch is missing its handle. Easy enough to make.